Stop The Pain Of Divorce: 10 Simple Steps For Career Professionals

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Quickly Regaining Control Of Your Life


Are you in danger of letting divorce derail your company or career?

Divorce is one of the most overwhelming challenges you can face, but it is possible to regain control.

In this FREE PDF Download, You will:

  • Learn simple yet powerful steps you can take today to gain relief from the
    painful thoughts and emotions resulting from your divorce.
  • Understand how small adjustments to your routine can have a big impact
    on your well being, even if you have a very busy schedule.
  • Learn how to get just the right support, whether it’s from friends or
    professionals, so you can achieve real healing.
  • Find advice on how to sleep and get the rest you need, especially if
    divorce has interrupted your sleep patterns.
  • Discover how to express your grief and frustration in a healthy way (hint:
    avoid falling into ‘poor me’ thinking).
  • Realize there is life after divorce, and you can move past the pain and
    negative thinking.
  • And much more!

Nick Meima M.S, Founder/Owner

Nick is a graduate of Bruce Fisher’s Rebuilding Seminar, which is recognized as proven and effective divorce support learning sessions, helping individuals, couples and groups through the process of ending relationships. Since graduating, Nick has continued to refine his own process and tools for guiding professionals through the tumult of divorce and has worked with hundreds of clients in his 12-week program including C-suite professionals, physicians and medical professionals, judges, lawyers, and business owners.

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